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New Jersey Flood Insurance Coverage from the C. Walter Searle Insurance Agency

Recently New Jersey has been devastated by storms causing flooding.  Many found out the hard way that Homeowner’s insurance policies exclude losses by flood and, therefore, losses remained uncovered and the cost of cleanup and repair was the sole responsibility of the homeowner or tenant.

At C. Walter Searle Insurance Agency we want to ensure that you are not the victim of an uncovered flood loss.  Even a small amount of water can cause major damage to property and belongings and the cost of cleanup, dry out and rebuilding can be high.  We are experts at reviewing and recommending the right flood insurance policies for our clients.

As the Federal Emergency Management Agency continued to amend laws regarding insurance regulations, flood zones and building requirements, we continue to stay up to date with all the changes.  Don’t be left without the property protection before the next storm hits.  Contact our office today for your free Flood Insurance evaluation and quote!