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Welcome to our Products Page.  By visiting our website you have taken the first step towards working with a company that is eager to work for you.  We have a strong, time-tested reputation and adhere to high standards.

In case you are not aware, C. Walter Searle Insurance Agency is one of the largest Personal Lines agencies in our area.  You may wonder why.  It’s because of our commitment to superior customer service!  We represent more than 25 companies that are financially sound, reliable and highly rated.

Personal  Lines: C. Walter Searle Insurance Agency is staffed with knowledgeable Agents who are skilled at helping both individuals and families with their insurance needs.  We employ our expert product knowledge to provide exemplary coverage at fair, honest pricing.

Business Lines:  C. Walter Searle Insurance Agency is ready to provide coverage for business clients with a large variety of commercial products.  We create comprehensive programs to meet the needs of all business owners.  It’s our business to protect your business and to be prepared to assess the specific risks each company faces.  All occupations involve potential risks and liability and we are here not only to provide you with the coverage you need to be protected but with the knowledge and programs to help you reduce those risks before they turn into losses.

Health Insurance:   Group Health benefit Plans advance both employees and employers.  Employees will received great health benefits while employers see a difference in their rapport with their workers.  Benefit plans show employees that you value their overall wellbeing and, as a result, your employees feel appreciated.  This mutual appreciation leads to a boost in morale and higher productivity not to mention a healthier, more focused work force.  Searle Insurance can help you build a group benefit plan with will assure your employees are well taken care of.

Life Insurance:  C. Walter Searle Insurance Agency strives to take the stress out of securing Life Insurance.  For the consumer, the options can endless and the process can become tedious and downright overwhelming.  We are here for you.  Our Agents are well versed in the different products on the market and ready to help you navigate to the best solution for you.  We want to be your trusted coverage specialist for all of your life insurance needs.

C. Walter Searle Insurance Agency understands that each individual’s insurance needs differ.  Just as no two people are exactly alike, each insurance plan needs to be custom tailored to the party or parties it is there to protect.  Please feel free to contact us for more information and let our staff get to know you.