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New Jersey Renters Coverage

At C. Walter Searle Insurance Agency we want to ensure that all of our clients are properly covered in all aspects of their live no matter what their living arrangement.  Buying a home or a condominium is not right for everyone.  Whether it is for convenience, necessity, financial, medical or personal reasons many people have made the decision to rent or live with family members.  In this case, there would be no need for these individuals to purchase homeowners or condominiums insurance.  So how do they insure their belongings?  C. Walter Searle Insurance Agency can help.

It is a common misconception that as a tenant or family member your personal belongings and valuables are covered under the building owner’s policy.  THIS IS NOT THE CASE.  Only you can insure your own assets and you must to avoid a tragic loss.  C. Walter Searle can tailor a policy specifically for your needs as a tenant.

Give our office a call today for more information on your New Jersey tenant’s insurance policy.  We are waiting to help you chose the right policy to protect your belongings and your peace of mind.