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New Jersey Umbrella Coverage from C. Walter Searle Insurance

Most of us know enough to insured ourselves for liability arising from our autos, homes and watercraft.  We purchase liability limits that we plan, and hope, will be sufficient in the event of a tragic loss and, of course, go about or daily lives never intending to have a loss.  When a loss does happen and property damage results in repair bills or injury to another party results in medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering do you truly have enough to protect your assets. 

An umbrella policy is a simple solution to what could potentially be a large problem.  Umbrella policies extend over your underlying policies, homeowners liability, auto liability, dwelling owners liability, watercraft liability and the like to add an extra layer of protection.  In the event of a loss if the full limits of one you’re your standard policies are exhausted the Umbrella policy kicks in to absorb the additional costs. 

We live in a society where lawsuits are increasingly common and suit settlements ever increasing.  If you think you may benefit from an extra layer of protection give C. Walter Searle Insurance Agency a call.  We will work with you to design the best policy for your assets, lifestyle and budget.